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Good food. Pure and simple.


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I ordered for pickup. Went early and grabbed a drink at the bar while I waited. Such a cute spot! Great happy hour. I got the fried pickles and the pork chop. My husband loved the fried pickles! Still hot and crunchy when I got them home. A little bit of spice, which he loved. The pork chop was SO tender and juicy. I can't rave about it enough. I could cut it with a knife. And the mustard sauce was just right. Can't wait to order from here in the future and try out the rest of the menu!

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Tbsp's food is always delicious and healthy -with enough dessert options to balance that out- and lately has been coming much sooner than the predicted delivery time.


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Grilled chicken dish was so tasty. The fresh vegetables were so fresh and delicious. Will definitely order again.


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Everything is sooo delicious, Spoon is a go-to Seamless delivery spot for me!!


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Melissa Chmelar opened spoon in the summer of 1999. Melissa had her formal training at The Cordon Bleu in London, but her real training came from her family kitchen with her mother. She was operating out of our five-floor walk up in Chelsea with a simple goal: provide good food for our friends and family in the photography industry during their long days shooting on sets. Word spread, demand increased and my small New York kitchen quickly proved too small to handle our growing list of clients. As luck would have it, a seminary located right across the street had a commercial kitchen up for rent, and the picturesque ivy-covered building became our new home. She soon outgrew the capacity of that kitchen as well and headed down to 13th Street, in the heart of the Meatpacking district. The catering business continued to flourish, but Melissa wanted to be able to share our food with a larger audience, and the concept of a retail outlet was born. For what was hopefully her final move, she headed back to Chelsea and opened in our current location at 17 West 2th Street. Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response from the community, she expanded again (right next door, this time), and opened TBSP in 28. Now customers can sit down, relax and savor all of the delicious food Spoon has to offer. Whether customers are coming in to enjoy a warm latte and a decadent brownie or to pick up a fresh salad and a homemade cup of soup, we strive to give Spoon, and TBSP, a cozy and family-friendly atmosphere where the community can come to try our "Spoon-made" creations. Spoon and TBSP has the best customers and clients any business could hope for and never tire of the witty banter and constructive feedback received on a daily basis. Spoon is inspired and driven by our passion for food. Melissa is constantly looking for new and exciting ways to expand her menus and repertoire of recipes. Spoon's shared enthusiasm for food with that of their customers led Melissa to launch a gourmet product line in 28. The Spoon product line reflects a return to traditional values with a contemporary twist. Drawing on her own childhood memories of making homemade jams, granola, bread, maple syrup and more with her family, Melissa decided to translate these experiences into a working philosophy. By creating everything in small batches and using locally grown ingredients, we are able to deliver products that reflect not only the finest degree of quality, but also a level of care frequently lacking in todays market. Melissa and the Spoon family is committed to bringing their customers the best Spoon has to offer. Every recipe is tested, and tasted, to perfection, resulting in the wide variety of pastries, savory items and products they proudly serve. They will continue to add to their collection and hope you enjoy consuming everything as much as they enjoyed making it.